Business / Civil Mediation

Do you need help to get through a business dispute? We resolve business disputes, including physical injury and real estate foreclosure cases! For a win-win business dispute resolution, choose mediation or arbitration through an experienced business mediator/arbitrator. Save yourself time, money and stress! Your dispute may be resolved in a matter of hours, rather than months and years when you use a lawyer.

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Divorce / Family Mediation

Is your divorce getting you down?

We will help you resolve your divorce dispute! For divorce, child custody and child support issues, as well as marital, family and senior issues, we will help you resolve the dispute. Mediation helps to speedily resolve these often sticky divorce and family situations, helping you put the upsets behind you so you can move on in life!

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Dispute Resolution Training

Do you want to decrease your stress at work?

Take our dispute resolution seminar and discover how you can negotiate your disputes to win-win results and decrease your upsets on the job. Inquire here about our on-site Dispute Resolution Seminars.

Email us now for info on our seminar, “How to Handle Misunderstandings in the Workplace®”

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Relationship/Marriage Agreements


Knowing what to expect in your relationship gives it a much better chance to survive. It is important to examine together several areas of your life to ensure a happier relationship.

To help you with this, order the Relationship & Marriage Agreements:


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Mediation Handled offers business dispute resolution, divorce mediation, child support mediation, civil mediation, forclosure mediation, happiness workshops,mediation training in the Clearwater, Largo, Safety Harbor, Dunedin, Palm Harbor, Belleair, Clearwater Beach, Pinellas Park, Tampa Bay Area.

Is a dispute causing you stress and anger? Do you think you need to spend a lot of money and time to resolve your dispute? Mediation helps people resolve conflicts and disputes so they can get on with the business of living and working instead of having all their attention and money tied up in handling unpleasant disputes.

If you want a lasting, healthy and happy relationship with fewer misunderstandings, get and watch our relationship video and know where you stand in your relationship. Quickly discover the secrets to a successful, survival and loving relationship! Use these workable techniques in your own life. Click here to order and improve your relationship. Great wedding Anniversary – Valentine’s Day gifts!

Jean Brasel

Jean Brasel

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“I was amazed that this was settled. It went from a totally ‘no way this was going to be handled’ to a civil agreement where both parties won.”

“You have accomplished in 5-6 hours what no one has been able to accomplish in 4 months.”

“I think Jean should rename her business: ‘Magical Mediation’ (It can pull rabbits out of hats!) Thank you so much!”

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